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My Subaru Outback had a decent storage area under the deck once you disposed of the foam 'organizer' that covered the spare tire. Was a bit worried when I got the Volvo that I'd have to significantly downsize - but with a bit of reorganization I think I have a decent first cut. Next goal is to figure out how to store additional items in around the spare tire to clean up the area immediately under the cargo area floor.

Spare Tire Area
Datrex emergency water + food bars (in brown Bag) and some other random stuff.
Crescent spline drive socket set - 'universal' for SAE and Metric
VIAIR 85P Air Compressor
Road Flares

Pro-Tip - If you flip the spare tire upside down, you can use the wheel as a storage area. These bags fit perfectly about 2-3 tall depending on how stuffed they are.

Under the cargo area floor:
These bags have velcro on the back, and stick beautifully to the interior felt.
Black first aid
Red is tool kit containing wrenches and Klein multi-Bit screwdrivers (I really like these).
Brown circular bag is jumper cables and duct tape.
Black bag in the middle - battery jump starter
Molle Bag containing ponchos, Esbit stove, flashlights, batteries, etc. and plenty of extra storage.

So, whatcha got? Any better storage ideas? Or fun items you haul around?
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