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On Friday, April 29, I left my C40 in the garage and headed off for a couple of days of rest and relaxation. When I left, the C40 was at 90% SOC and unlocked. When I returned on Sunday, May 1 the 12V battery was dead. Based on my Forum readings, I thought about attempting to jump start the 12V. The owner’s manual guides you through the process. See link below.
Jump starting using another battery | Starting and switching off vehicle | Starting and driving | C40 Recharge 2022 | Volvo Support (

After several attempts, it became clear the 12V was dead. At that point I knew the C40 would need to visit a Volvo dealer for them to determine if the 12V was defective or being drained for some reason. That analysis is beyond my pay grade.
In preparation for a tow service, I reviewed a couple documents within the owner’s manual and a couple videos. Come to find out this prework would be valuable in helping to select a correct tow service.
Hoisting the vehicle | Maintenance and service | Maintenance and service | C40 Recharge 2022 | Volvo Support (
Attaching and removing the towing eyelet | Towing | Starting and driving | C40 Recharge 2022 | Volvo Support (

For the video below, I advanced it to the section where the narrator shares some of my experiences and lessons learned. Remember, we are not alone!

The dealership which sold me the C40 was of no help. Shocking surprise since they were useless on delivery day! That meant I needed to find a Volvo dealership who I could trust. That goal was accomplished. Next, I needed a competent tow service I could trust. To aid in that process I called the Volvo Roadside Assistance (800-638-6586). Lovely group of people! However, EVs were foreign in many respects to both the lovely people and the tow services. Over two days and 10 hours of work I spoke/text with 5 to 6 of the lovely people and four towing services. What I was seeking were two simple steps to be taken when towing my Volvo C40.
  • The tow service would need to use a flatbed truck.
  • They would need a set of “skates” or “wheeled dollies” to extract the C40 from my garage.
Although this might be common knowledge within our EV community, many people I spoke with appeared clueless regarding my concerns. Keep in mind I had researched the Volvo Car Bookstore for any known service bulletins and found how Volvo appears to have enough EVs that are improperly towed that they have a bulletin entitled, “Tow Damage Claims - SMB00-040-2022-03-14”.

I hope the gentle readers of this thread will see this as a “coaching moment” since we are pioneers in helping the transition to EVs.
Thank you! Very informative.
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