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Joined the C40 club!

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Just picked up a 2023 C40 Twin Ultimate, Thunder Grey with wool interior!

Coming from a 21 XC60 T8 which I loved, but the lease deals this month on the C40 made it a smart move to make the swap… See a few quick picks below..

I am getting 20% tint on the front windows and 70% on the windshield.. Ceramic on all.. Contemplated the sunroof but driving home today in 80ish degree sun it didn’t feel bad at all so ill hold off on that..

Also plan on buying some gloss black lettering to replace the VOLVO and C40 emblems.. found a seller on etsy that looks like they do quality work

Other than that, just a few questions for you all..

1. Does anyone know how to remove the parking ticket holder?
2. Can music (spotify) be paused from the steering wheel? On my XC60, the left middle button allowed for pause/play but in the C40 it just brings up the trip odometer screen
3. I noticed around the 60-70 mph mark there was a pretty noticeable vibration coming from the steering wheel; almost like an electric toothbrush feeling.. I will have to double check the tire pressure tomorrow but wondering if anyone else had a similar issue?
4. I noticed a rattle near the passenger door at certain bass levels (was maybe at 50-60% volume). I thought the speaker was not in the door? Any thoughts on a common culprit of rattling over that way?
5. Anyone have the wool and if so, do you protect it in any way?

Any other suggestions/notes you care to provide would be great!
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Congratulations on your purchase! Many owners, including myself, have experienced vibrations with the car. In my opinion, the vibrations are minor, and I have reported them to my service advisor. Hopefully, a solution will be available soon. Despite this issue, the car is fantastic, and I believe its build quality is superior to that of Tesla. I have driven 15,000 miles in my C40, and it has never left me stranded. I always keep it locked in the garage, which supposedly helps prevent the 12-volt battery from dying. I recommend a savings account for tires because I have been checking their prices, and they can be quite expensive. The car's color is beautiful, and I hope you enjoy it. If you haven't purchased a home charger yet, I recommend the Grizzle-E Level 2 charger, which I have found on Amazon for $395.00. It's a basic charger that you simply plug in and let it do its thing. It has been reliable for me here in Las Vegas, where temperatures can reach 116 degrees in the summer and drop to 35 degrees in the winter.

Welcome to the club!

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