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Congrats on getting your XC.

What other SUV's were you looking at before deciding to go the Volvo route? Can't help but notice all the options we have these days.


This is the second time I am with Volvo.

The first time around, the first second-generation V70 was presented at the Detroit Motor Show, in January 2000 and I immediately fell in love with the design. By April, I was driving one of the very first T5 sold in Europe :)

I then returned to Honda, where my wife worked until a couple of years ago, and my 2 next cars were an Accord Tourer and a CRV.

This time around, the same magic happened. The moment I saw this SUV, with this design I find pretty much perfect, I knew I had to have one.

So, as it stands, I did not consider any other car.

...In fact, this is not even the time I would normally be getting a new car.

That's how radically attracted I was to this model. :big-grin
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