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It drives itself!!!

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I am a new owner. I have just had my XC40 R-design for about a month. I’m still learning all the features it has. Today, for the first time, I turned on the cruise control on the highway to try it, and found that it isn’t just adaptive cruise control, but assisted pilot. It drives itself down the highway! I realized the steering immediately felt different when I turned it on. It does a pretty good job of it, even in the curves. Kind of freaky, but cool.

I’m having so much fun with this car. I like the dynamic driving style best, and I have set my custom driving mode to be a hybrid of dynamic and others, but I will keep playing with it to see which combo is best.

I still haven’t tried the parking assist.

How is everyone else finding their vehicle? I know lots of people on here are still waiting for theirs, and it must be hard reading about peoples experiences, but hang in there - I think you will find it worth the wait.
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