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Inscription Orfered

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Dealer and I talked several weeks ago. He was trying to find a Momentum I’m my color/spec. Unable to find one close enough. He got his “upcoming dealer delivery list” and had an Inscription showing end of June delivery to him. We changed a few of the specs on this car. He says he finalized his other requested deliveries on Friday and this one will be mine when it comes in. He is saying June 24 estimated delivery.
Anyone know anything about this dealer delivery list? Can I trust this estimated delivery date?
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Inscription Ordered

Good luck. A few days ago the local dealer said it would be Sept before he would expect to have a Momentum for me from his system but might be able to find one before then. I now ordered via the subscription and expect delivery will be in July, nothing firm yet. Dealers can swap cars so its possible to get one earlier if they can find the configuration. My dealer has only 2 XC40s and those are for demos.
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