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I have the 2020 XC40 R-Design. Thunder Gray. Love the car and have done a few minor modifications. I have found the Charcoal Interior pretty dull. I was considering the Lava Orange Interior, but with the gray/black exterior, thought it might be too much as far as color palates (at least mine). I've checked around and the upholstery places are either charging too much (IMO) or won't do it as the charcoal carpet is glued and melt-riveted on (a plastic rivet is pushed thru the carpet and shaped backing 'plate' and then it is cut off and melted in place). And not just a few....quite a lot (and this was one of the rear doors I was looking at).

Volvo parts wants upwards of $500 each. Ouch - and then I'd have 4 inner door panels sitting in my garage till the end of time. I could check with some junk yards, but I know I would probably not have much luck. XC40's have only been out a couple years, and there just aren't many on the roads (which was a key selling point to me).

So, here is an unusual 'trade' request: anyone with the 'blond' doors panels want to trade? In other words, if you have the Momentum/Inscription with the Blond interior and would like it darker? I would trade you straight up and pay shipping (within reason, I'm in the USA). The 4 panels come off easy - I had the rear door panel off in under 5 minutes. My car is 3 months old, absolutely perfect condition - I'd send photos, VIN, and make sure the R-Design door panels are the exact of the Momentum/Inscription (I'm sure they are 100%). Thank you!
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