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got it with everything I can push on the Volvo Usa site, all the packages and even the polestar option ... can anyone tell me if the suspension tightens when I use the polestar option because I am used to a Mercedes and this is my first Volvo after owning a Mercedes for 6 years so trying to make sure I get that tighter driving option .. so far I love the car .. styling kit, polestar, convenience package, carbon roof, multimedia package, premium package, upgraded wheels, and a few more ...

questions : I dont have the dynamic sport mode because I got the polestar optimization and want to know if it tightens the suspension

question : is there a way to tell the engine oil temperature because I just noticed the gauge isn't located anywhere so how does anyone know when the car is overheating ... I checked the owners manual and it will tell when it has overheated but not when its about to

question : who ever has owned for 12 months .. can you tell me how reliable is the car and the engine ? have you driven it fast and how are the brakes on the car ...


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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