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How do I remove the rear row headrest (not powered)?
I’ve seen a few instructions on the front row seat headrest but nothing on the rear seat.
I need to remove it in order to properly mount the child seat.

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It is achievable, but not sure Volvo would sanction it.
I picked up my MY22 Twin Recharge Ultimate 2 days ago (Ex-Demo, hence MY22, not '23), drove the 500km home, then needed to fit the kids car seats and only at that point realised they wouldn't fit with the head restraints in place.
Couldn't find anything other than this thread for information (or lack there of).

It's a bit of a process so I took some photos:
1) Drop the head rests to the forward tilted position.
2) Get a small flathead screwdriver and a friend (you can do it on your own, but it would be easier with 2 people).
3) Take the parcel shelf out of the boot and get in, or, if you're flexible enough, you can kneel on the seat and lean over the now folded headrest.
4) Have a close look (you may want a torch) where the rod enters the headrest and note there is a plastic insert (one on each side). On the side closest to the outside edge of the headrest there is a small tab which has a hole in the side. Put the screwdriver in and lever it up.
At this point it seems like it does nothing, but if you pull on the headrest in the opposite direction at the same time, it slides forward about half a centimetre.
5) While maintaining the pull on the headrest, repeat on the opposite side (this is where the second person comes in handy!).
6) If you've done it right, the headrest should now just slide off leaving 2 rather dangerous looking spikes pointing at you (hence why I don't think Volvo intended us to do this!).
7) You can now flip the spikes up and should be able to fit your car seat.

As you can see from the photos, the car seat fits fine and the spikes sit behind the car seat once installed.
No way I'm leaving it that way once my kids get tall enough to be close to the top of the seat, but will be just fine for the next couple of years until I put them in a non-harnessed booster (which I will check fits with the headrest in place before buying ... Or may have upgraded to the XC60 EV if it's released by then).

Equally, if you really don't like someone, have them sit in the back without the headrest on and enable the 'flip headrest' function!

To note, once the seat it in place, if you do activate the 'flip headrest' function, the seat makes the usual sound, but the kids car seat (at least in my case) stops the the spikes from moving and they just go back to being locked in place without needing to be pushed back. Clearly this may be different if you have a different car seat.

Please note, you take full responsibility for your childs well-being if you choose to do this ... I am in no way recommending it is the best, or even a good option and, as noted, I expect Volvo will make mention of the lack of safety this creates should they find out about it!!
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