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I took my car for a professional car wash yesterday for the first time. Prior to that I washed it myself. After the wash I got in and reached for the key but couldn't find it. I finally found it in the foldout slot just in front of the shift lever where the crew had left it. What I didn't realize is that there is a small well at the bottom of that slot almost exactly the size of the key. They key had fallen into it and was slippery and wet from the soap they used. It was oriented so that the side with the emergency button was facing up, and the whole thing was lower than the top of the well. I couldn't get a purchase on it. It took me forever to get the key out. I suggest closing that slot up if you take it for a wash or even in for service. I normally keep it open and prop my phone in it. Or perhaps it would be best to fill that well with something so the key can't go into it.
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