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I have owned my 2019 Volvo XC40, Inscription T5 for 8 months and have approximately 13000 miles. I have to admit that is an unprecedented amount of miles in that short of time, but this car is my daily driver. I have taken short trips and long trips and each one has been a joy. The cars' engine and transmission are very smooth, comfortable and responsive. I love the adaptive cruise control, the autopilot, the auto braking, the built-in Wi-Fi, and the incredibly smooth 8-speed transmission. It is wonderful to enjoy my Spotify playlist -- the same playlist that I have on my other devices. I believe everyone has noticed the absence of a CD player. But I do not miss it using Spotify. I have the standard sound system and not the premium Harmon- Kardon sound, but the sound is incredible. For those of you, the have the HK system must be blown away. Bottom line I have not regretted my purchase. The XC40 Rocks! The only problem that I have had with my car is the BLIS module went south on me at 11000 miles which was quickly repaired by my Volvo dealer. The XC40 is a really great car? My local dealer is awesome. I am so happy to be a member of this forum. Oklahoma City, USA.
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