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Hello - & quick Q.

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Hi, having spent ages choosing a car suitable for touring the UK, I'm looking for an recent XC40 - does anyone know if its possible to retrofit any of the tech. features? I have in mind the following example: I might see a 2018 XC40 on sale at a garage near me and decide its the right car for me except I'd ideally like the lane assist feature and the car in question is great in many other ways - price, colour, condition, etc.etc. except for the lane assist - is it possible for Volvo - or a third party, of course! to add it in afterwards?
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Welcome to the forum. I'm not entirely sure of what would be involved in adding LKAS after the fact, but I know there were mentions of third party companies offering it as a kit. Here's one such company that's doing so called Safe Drive Systems.
Can you trust these kinds of third party add on systems? Is there anything that you need to worry about in relation to insurance or your warranty if something were to happen?
As with any drivers aid system, the onus is still on you to prevent an accident. This will not take any preventative measures to avoid one, but will give invaluable seconds of warning prior. Its also one of the only that comes to work reliably in all weather conditions.
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