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Headlights technology

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I have a 2021 Recharge, but I suspect the headlights are the same for all XC40s, so here's a question:

Can anyone tell me about, or point me at some information that describes the technologies used for the XC40 headlights?

For example, when I "start" in my garage with auto lights, they come on, tilt down a hair then tilt up and stay. (And go off when I back out, of course.)

What's the tilting about? Is this an auto-leveling technology, or do they move while driving? I know the high-beam switch adds another set of lamps to the mix, but is the tilting part of some active driving tech?
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Yes, auto leveling and they should bend when you turn the steering wheel while driving.
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You can also switch auto beams on which rock.
I wish the darn driving/fog lights would stay on if on before.
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