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I was in my P8 on hold with the US Passport Center today for 2.5 hours. It would have been 1.5, except after 60 minutes I found that you should NOT touch the hard Play/Pause button while a call is active. No matter where you are in the infotainment system - including on the media play screen (YouTube Music in my case) - pressing Play/Pause will end your call. I did some cursing when that happened.

Also, If you have an active call, you cannot switch the driver's display from Calm to Google Maps or back. The Pages button is dead.

Further, on the left bottom of the driver's display you have the trip information and on the right you have the battery level. However, when a call is active, the battery level is shifted to the left side replacing the trip info, and the Active Call dialog box covers the right area. Why not just pop up the Active Call dialog box over the trip info and leave the battery level where it was?

I'm sure there's plenty more bugs like this in the beta version of the software we are all testing.

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