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Google Map--Screen going blank

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Hi, I have a fairly new XC40 Recharge. Love the car. New issue -- with the Google map screen. The map can go largely blank, ie I see thin lines for some of the streets but no names or any of the usual map detail. When it's actively navigating this doesn't happen as much, more often when it's just up on the screen as a map. Any thoughts?
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1) perhaps you're in an area with poor cellular reception? And it's just taking a long time to fetch map details from the Google Maps server?

2) it's a computer. Like any other computer - reboot it, and see if that fixes things. (press & hold the "Home" button below the center console for about 30 seconds, past the "cleaning mode" screen, until you see a faint "Volvo" logo start to appear. That's your indication the computer is rebooting, and you can let go.)
Thanks for the advice on re-booting. I tried that a couple times and it didn't correct the issue. However, I ended up deleting the downloaded offline maps and that did fix the issue. Must have been some problem with the downloaded maps. Anyway all is good for now.
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