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Last night, I came home after picking my son from his after-school activity, and as I exited my car to lock the driver door, it wouldn't lock. I than proceeded to check if I had my key on and it was not in my pocket. Turns out, it had quietly slipped out from my shorts :) and fell between the center console and my seat in the deep dark ravine below. I reached out and was able to retrieve the key and calmly lock my car back. Simple, yet powerful safety feature of the Volvo. It didn't lock the car with the key FOB in it, as a similar scenario happened with my 2011 Nissan Quest SL and it locked the minivan. I had to get AAA roadside assistance to get my Quest unlocked.

I love the change of awesome safety scenery. Plus - I got some nice comments from a family last night parked next to my C40, when leaving my daughter's high school volleyball game. Yes, people REALLY LOVE the Fjord Blue and the style. ;)

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