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I know each state is different and all incentives may have some qualifiers - however here is what I have so far in California (San Diego) please add anything I’m missing
1). $1500 “Clean Fuel Rewards”. Dealer should take this off during the transactions as they apply for the rebate and will get the check. (No income limits)
2) California EPA - Center for Sustainable Energy $2,000 - you will to apply and you will get a number while they review. Wait to complete once you purchase - much easier.
3) Federal tax credit - up to $7500 depending on tax liability and income phase out
4) There is the California Low income credit but you will either get that or #3 since if you have no taxes, you’ll get it this way.
5) If you’re a first responder or teacher you can also get something $1000 from SDGE
6) If you install a charging station Federal tax infrastructure credit of $1000
7) SDGE offers has a time of energy use if you don’t have solar or enough to cover it.

If anyone knows of other incentives, rebates..... please add.
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