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Fuel cheaper than charging

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UK driver of the Volvo XC40 Hybrid Recharge, petrol fuel cheaper than charging! Or am I missing something!
Cost to charge at home on a standard variable tariff in the uk at 33.33p kwh = 350p, range in winter = 12miles therefore cost per mile is 29.16p.
Petrol cost 139.99plitre x 4.546 = 636.39p gallon / 43mpg = 14.7p per mile or on Recharge mode 639.39p /28mpg = 22.72p per mile.
Even with the best range in summer of 24miles using EV this works out at 350p / 24 = 14.7p per mile.
Energy costs are making the car too expensive to run on battery. Beginning to think this is s bad purchase. Lovely car but the EV side is disappointing, too expensive and not enough range.
Anyone seeing the same results.
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Not in Idaho, USA, where Idaho Power has the third lowest rates in the country. And I'm using the BEV. Sell the car.
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