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Fuel cheaper than charging

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UK driver of the Volvo XC40 Hybrid Recharge, petrol fuel cheaper than charging! Or am I missing something!
Cost to charge at home on a standard variable tariff in the uk at 33.33p kwh = 350p, range in winter = 12miles therefore cost per mile is 29.16p.
Petrol cost 139.99plitre x 4.546 = 636.39p gallon / 43mpg = 14.7p per mile or on Recharge mode 639.39p /28mpg = 22.72p per mile.
Even with the best range in summer of 24miles using EV this works out at 350p / 24 = 14.7p per mile.
Energy costs are making the car too expensive to run on battery. Beginning to think this is s bad purchase. Lovely car but the EV side is disappointing, too expensive and not enough range.
Anyone seeing the same results.
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Interesting post. I have the same car. Have you actually measured the amount of electricity needed to charge the battery from empty to full? My thinking is there are normally assumed to be energy losses in the charging process of 10% to 15% , and the net capacity of the battery is also probably 10% less than the 10.7KwH stated by Volvo. So a calculated figure may be different to a real one. Not that's going to detract from your argument and your calculations and reasoning seem ok to me. Perhaps in winter on short journeys the petrol consumption might not be as good as the figure you use and I reckon getting 20 miles on battery on average.

I tend to keep the car charged not giving any thought to the comparative costs but enjoying the quieter and smoother drive on local journeys. I know using the car as a normal hybrid can be very economical. I did a very long slow crawl across central London recently with a depleted battery and got 44mpg.

I'm going to look into this myself. I'll start by not charging the car for a few days and see what the petrol consumption is like on my normal local journeys.. Thanks for raising it.
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Is that what you've measured coming from the electric supply? I will check that in a few days..
It's an interesting exercise.. Today I used up a full battery in 20 miles at a cost of £3.25. Outside temp was around 11 Deg. Mondays I have a busy routine of very many short journeys in town traffic. I calculate I'll need to get 42mpg over the same journeys for petrol to be cheaper at the best price I can get which is 148p a litre. I'll do the same journey next Monday starting wth a depleted battery to see but I've a feeling the electric will still be cheaper for me by not much.
Deanman71, yes I used the trip to determine range. I drove in eco mode and B on the gear selector until the car started the engine. My refill of the battery took a measured 9.55 kWh from the mains supply.
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I’ve charged mine fully and will do a EV test run using the trip to get the range I get. Not using car today, forecast is 6Deg high tomorrow, so not expecting anything near 20miles but we’ll see. I use B on gear selection but will check my car mode selection as well. Did you have any heated seats or steering wheel on?
No, nothing. Climate is set to 20 deg (I use an Individual mode based on Eco but with Hybrid Climate - otherwise the screen mists). This morning I went out - 11 Deg outside - with no battery charge. 3.3 miles each way in lightish town traffic. The app shows 35mpg out and 38mpg back. Not near the 42 mpg I think will make petrol as cheap as electric. But I'll leave the battery uncharged for a few days and record some other journeys.
Yesterday I did multiple local trips totalling 20 miles on petrol ( battery depleted but still using Individual mode and B). I have calculated from the logs that I averaged 25.6mpg, used 0.78 gallon of fuel at a cost of £6.73. Mondays journeys of 20 miles on battery cost £3.25 in similar temperature conditions.

For my pattern of local journeys electricity is still half the price of petrol. A very useful exercise - data and calculations available. I'd be interest in your results Deanman71.
I've never used the charge option. I also give no credence to the range readout. I've had it increase by 2 miles just turning the car off and on again and then reducing by 2 miles in a few hundred yards.. During the journeys there was the usual electric consumption and regeneration in the app trip details which generally cancelled each other out. Temperature has a big effect on petrol consumption too. With a cold engine a 2 mile trip to the shops recorded 20.4mpg, whereas the return journey 15 minutes later recorded 27.7mpg.
I've never seen any merit using the engine to charge the battery. On longer trips I set the satnav to the destination, leave the car in hybrid and let the computer decide how to use the battery. Return trips once the battery has run out I leave the car to do its thing and have always got between 43 and 47 on cross country trips. Motorway runs at 65 gets 48 consistently. I've occasionally held a few miles of charge to use at the slow end of a trip but not found it made much difference to overall consumption.
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