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Hi all! As you see from the title, this is my first-ever Volvo.

I am in love - but to be honest this is technically my second Volvo, as my first was a lemon. Long story short (and I've only ever read of one other person encountering this issue) my car would try to turn over every time I'd hit the start button, but it would either just keep trying till I stopped it or it would start but then it would have that lovely turtle-shaped light on the dashboard which meant my speed was severely restricted, etc. The dealer tried many MANY times for many MANY days to fix it, and I believe they finally did but by fluke - they replaced pretty much everything under the hood by the time they were done. I was satisfied with it's repair but then Volvo contacted us about swapping it for a brand new identical one - aside from the new addition of POLESTAR! Up to us. We (hubby & I) took it without hesitation since we love the car. Volvo made every attempt to keep us safe & happy as customers and I appreciate that. Plus Polestar is the upgrade I didn't know I needed... On snowy days (we live in PA) my husband will actually feel the need to remind me "NO POLESTAR TODAY". Ha!

I'm happy to be part of the Volvo owners community, and I'm happy to have found this forum. With previous cars I've always looked to a forum for answers to the random things that you want to know "is it just me?"
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