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I bought a 2020 Volvo XC40 RDesign in August 2019 at South Bay Volvoi in Torrance, CA. I have a few questions and comments:

I like the look of the 21-inch rims that are featured in the XC40 marketing, but I was disappointed that these rims are dealer accessories only. Further, to switch out these tires and rims is not only costly, but requires a trip to the dealer to reset the software. I would rather have a factory option that has the look of the 21-inch tires, without the hassle and exorbitant cost for “summer tires”.
Within the first week of light use, the front tow eye cover fell off and went missing. I felt as if a button fell off my new shirt. One of the owners of the dealership texted me the day after I took delivery thanking me and offering assistance in any way with my new car. I was impressed. As the sales force was very lax about returning my post-delivery calls re obtaining my window sticker and the PIN for my Volvo ID (their server was down on the Saturday I took delivery of the car), I texted the dealership owner back about the missing cover. He responded by asking me to “bring it in” to the dealer. I texted back asking if we could at least pre-order the part, as there is about 30 miles of heavily-congested traffic between my home and the dealership. Never heard from him—I was not impressed, so I ordered the part from a closer dealer, had spray paint mixed and painted the part myself. I have designed a tether to hold the front and rear covers on the car, so that the next time one falls off, I won’t lose it. Cost: about $100—very disappointing. Since then, Volvo USA reimbursed. me.
There is no temperature gauge. A first for me to own a car without one. Volvo says to let the car's warning system advise if it overheats.
I was disappointed that the tailgate switch for the rear seat stowing was decontented. I assume the wiring is gone, too, so that I can’t buy the switch and activate a handy feature?
The parking and tailgate buttons are flush and hard to find unless I look for them. I put self-adhesive, clear vinyl bumpers on the switches so that I can find them by touch when exiting the vehicle.
I wish I could have ordered the “Lava” carpets on my Fusion Red XC40.
My car came with the base audio system, which would really benefit from a subwoofer, which I suppose I will add. Online reviews of the Harman-Kardon are not glowing. Maybe I should be glad I don’t have that.
My car came with PoleStar, which I doubt I will ever use in L.A. traffic.
I raised the head restraints to the full up position so that they do rub the back of my head as much.
I wish my car had more leather smell, like the Evoque I traded in.
The car doors close with a solid sound; the door locks engage with a tinny sound.
I wish I didn’t have to plug in my iPhone to connect Apple Play.

Overall, the car is OK. I’m impressed with all the tech but expect these cars are fragile and will be expensive to keep long, which I don’t plan to do with this one. It feels bulky when I drive it—not nimble—as if it will need all those accident avoidance features soon enough.

I should mention that before I went into real estate, I sold Volvos in the mid-1980s at Kramer Volvo in Santa Monica, CA, which was then the second-largest Volvo dealership in the US. I was the top salesperson for six of the nine months I was “on the floor”. This job led me to my career in real estate. The training I received was invaluable. After this recent shopping experience, I am again amazed at how poorly-trained car salespeople are. There is so much wasted potential. South Bay Volvo could really use some customer service training.

Ironically, this is my first Volvo. I will see how this one goes…
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