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Fast charge button

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Was at the EA station topping off my car. Was chatting with a porche EV owner.

He was saying how his car has a high speed charge button that makes the car charge a lot faster all the way to 100.

I asked how much difference it makes. The answer was of course I don’t know as it comes with warnings so he has never pressed it.

When plugged into a commercial 150kw does anyone know what the car could do to make the charging faster?

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The top limit for the on board charging electronics package is 150kW. It cannot possibly be set higher. The next few years will see dramatic increases in charging input acceptance but if you've got a '21-'23, 150kW is tops. My research did not turn up a secret fast charge button on the Porsche but since 2021, the Taycan's internal system accepts up to 270kW DC charging. That's fast. And apparently there is a $2,000 19.kW AC module available as an option that will supercharge level 2 charging.

Another nice feature is that the Porsche Taycan can charge quickly. It can take in 270 kW with a DC fast charger — more than what many Tesla models can handle. As a result, a 2021 Taycan can recharge from 5% to 80% in just 22.5 minutes when plugged into an appropriate DC fast charger, InsideEVs reports.
Because of how charging works, the Taycan can receive a lot of charge quickly, but the speed of that charging will slow as the battery becomes fuller. However, thanks to the car’s 270-kW capacity, it can take in a lot of electricity quickly. In fact, it takes only about 10 minutes to get the Taycan to 50% charge.

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Yes, there is an option in the Taycan (button, if you will) to reduce DCFC speed to be gentler on the battery pack. The XC40 Recharge does not offer that option.
The best way to get the full 150 kW for our cars is to arrive at a low SOC (~10-15%) with a battery pack that is warm enough to accept maximum current.
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Mine goes to 11 😀
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