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Help....a few days ago, I was playing with the stereo (OEM Harmon Kardon) and I was adjusting the sound. This particular Sensus 'screen' had the equalizer's full band width and the band width was shown horizontally and you adjusted (for example) the bass vertically. There were maybe 8 to 10 different band widths to adjust.

I haven't seen this particular menu since - where the heck is it?

Under the 'sound experience' menu, I can go to 'tone' and there are 3 bandwidths to adjust (and you adjust these by tapping or swiping horizontally...these 3 are the basic treble, mid, bass.

The manual (and any videos/info I see on-line) are very vague and there is virtually no mention of a more in-depth type equalizer (although I've seen and played with it several times). The manual says to go into 'sound experience', scroll down to 'tone', go to 'equalizer'.....but this only gives me the 3 horizontally controlled options. What the heck happened to the more tune-able vertical controlled option?

Tapping the equalizer icon does nothing. Additionally, there are 4 options on the bottom of the Sensus screen while in the 'sound experience': neutral, clear, warm, custom. My thinking is that under the 'custom' icon, I would call up the full band width vertical adjustment. ......nope. Any thoughts? Idea/help?
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