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Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I don't see any mention of it...

My wife and I have noticed that our driver profiles don't save which Bluetooth device Sensus should connect to on startup. We both paired our phones while logged into our respective profiles. But Sensus always connects to the last device connected, irrespective of profile.

It DOES remember which source was active the last time that person drove. So, if I was streaming BT when I last drove, it will load BT on startup, but again...if my wife is with me, it connects to her phone instead.

I appreciate that both phones are always available for connecting, no matter who's driving (comes in handy when one person is driving, but the other wants to DJ). But shouldn't it default to my phone, rather than my wife's, when my profile loads at startup?

I've tried updating my profile while my phone is connected. But it doesn't have any effect. If she drove last (and used her phone), when I come back to the car (and her phone is within range), it still wants to connect to her phone first.

Am I missing something? Thanks.
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