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Hello, All!
I'm the proud new owner of a 2020 XC40 T5 Momentum. Her name is "Freia", by the way :)
(I also own a 2006 Volvo XC90; his name is "Vikingmobile").
With regard to my XC40 I was wondering (1) if I must always push the 'P' button next to the gears shift for Park prior to turning my vehicle off. Or, is this the emergency parking brake?
(2) When navigating through the gears P-R-N-D etc I have an option that says (I think) M1+. What does that mean?
Also, any tips as a new owner would be much appreciated since I'm very IT challenged. Ugh! o_O
Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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hi, the M is for manual gear shift, when you select this you can manually select the gearshift either by the paddles in the wheel (if you have them) or by shifting the gears by turning the gearshift side ways
From the manual -
Help functions
The system will change to P position automatically
  • if the car is switched off in position D or R.
  • if the driver unfastens the seatbelt and opens the driver's door when the car is running with the gear selector in a position other than P.
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