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Recently I have had more chances to ride in the back seat of my XC40 and found I was always feeling cold. I do not have rear heated back seats or a separate heating zone in the back (we missed it in the options when purchasing). The vents in the back are open, although I don't really feel any warm air through them. My husband had to turn the heat up to 75 degrees for me to feel any warmer, but can only tolerate that in the front for a little while.

I am curious if anyone else experiences this and if there is a way to get more heat to the back.


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It’s true that under low ambient (outside) air temperatures, air will not come out of the rear center console vents. There are, though, heater vents under the front seats to direct warm air into the rear passenger area. Make sure nothing (other than feet, of course) is under the front seats or on the rear floor area that could block air flow. It might also help to manually direct air flow to the floor vents only, and/or increase the auto climate fan speed. That’s because, under normal winter conditions, the auto setting will direct a good amount of air at the front windshield – which can help with window de-fogging, but which won’t do much for the rear passenger temp.
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