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Checking In

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Moe here checking in.

Couldn't be happier to find a community dedicated to the XC40 so we can get away from the rest of the Volvo noise although from time to time what other Volvo owners have to say will help.

If I get the XC40, it will be my first Volvo, but like many of you I am sitting on the sidelines waiting for more information.

Whipping around a 2014 Ford Edge....yeah its a far cry from anything XC40-like!
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Volvo vehicles are actually pretty decent, but not a brand you hear about overly much and that's why it lags behind the others. With the new XC40 and proper advertisement, maybe it can become a household name later on.

I too have never owned a Volvo before simply for the above stated reason and am excited to see what they're offering us.
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