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2020 XC40 T5 R-Design Polestar Optimization
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I would like to hear about everyone's usage or need for in-car Internet, restricting this to the gasoline XC40 Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, with a Canadian perspective.

In my 52 years of Volvo ownership, this is my most favourite and exciting car. Although Volvo Canada promised to bring 3 EV models into Canada 2 years ago (mild, moderate hybrid and full EV), only the Recharge is offered. This prompted me to buy the ICE T5 Rdesign with Polestar Optimization.

Although our Sensus car automation may not be as well integrated as the P8 Recharge Google OS, with Android Auto (AA) or CarPlay, it's still an amazing feature to personalize our car's capabilities.

I have successfully integrated my smartphone and several 3rd party APPS that do not require an internet connection. I just figured out how to use Google Maps with a downloaded map. I really enjoy the SiriusXM radio and my ability to select the music I prefer, including CNN and other news networks.

I did replace the AT&T PSIM with a Rogers PSIM, but my connectivity is spotty. I did active another AT&T 3 month, 3GB trial and it does connect quickly. Since I have 2 offline GPS Android Auto map programs, the integrated GPS program seems redundant, except for the ability to go full screen. I find the Google Maps and SYGIC AA are more configurable.

I thought in-car Internet should be able to accept upgrades Over The Air (OTA) and download new APPS as they become available. I also thought this might justify the in-car Internet. Well, yesterday, my dealership's salesman felt that an ICE XC40 will never implement OTA, especially since the P8 Recharge uses a Google OS instead of Sensus.

Sorry for the long preamble, but can anyone convince me why I need in-car Internet? I have confirmed that Volvo On Call (VOC) will work from my smartphone APP remotely with the PSIM removed and no Internet connection. I was told that somehow VOC uses its own dedicated network connection, if no other is activated.

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