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One pedal can cause a good rate of deceleration. One pedal is as far as I know all regenerative and there is no use of break pads (until you stop then it will deploy break so you do not roll down the hill).

Those experienced in snow / ice driving have experienced roads with a lot less traction than the maximum deceleration of one pedal.

This maximum deceleration can be found by breaking harder than needed and seeing when abs deploys it is a good way of testing a road surface at low speed with nobody around (used to drive home at 2am in Massachusetts).

Question is with one pedal and low traction situations do we need to go back to good old threshold breaking or does the car sense loss of traction and switch from regenerative to abs deployed break pads? Or maybe pulsed regenerative deceleration (Antilock Regenerative System ARS).

Anyone somewhere icey who can try this out?
If you are can you also find a hill and try out off road mode please :)

I know I know it’s first of June and I am thinking about snow but enquiring minds …

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