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C40 RWD and AWD Price list in Canada

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59950 CAD for RWD Core


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Prices in AUS have jumped up about $10-12K since we bought our XC40 Recharge Twin "Ultimate" back in Sep 2021. Dealer delivery has gone from $995AUD to $2995AUD and vehicle price has gone up too, which pushes up the taxes and "luxury car tax". Here's the MY24 C40 Recharge Twin Ultimate (no extra charge for metallic paint here). Note this price is "on the road" including all taxes (we have 10% GST) plus 1 year of license/registration fees and compulsory 3rd-party insurance. In Victoria (AUS) we also have stamp duty (another tax) that may not apply in some AUS states for EVs. It's no bargain any more (not that it really was but other similar "luxury" EVs are quite a bit more expensive here I guess.
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59950 CAD for RWD Core
Good info - is the pricing for the 2024 XC40 available too?
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