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Never thought to have such a dignified performance car with reliable price
Hats Off to Volvo for the design and engine quietness.

Enjoying vehicle extra ordinary features 1) Self Pilot 2) Vehicle self parking 3) Sound system 4) Front row Seats
5) Vehicle alerting system 6) Volvo oncall app
I Test drove almost all the SUv's last month mazda cx5, Honda CRV, subaru forester outback.
They all are $10k less than volvo XC40. Proudly i can say with the 10k price difference I am literally driving a next generation car. Thank god for forcing me to Volvo showroom to just have a glance of cars of them.

Now Biggest complaint of mine...

1) Back seats : I know this car is a compact SUV, but i am totally unsatisfied with the perpendicular angle seats ( They are almost straight in angle). We cannot able to sit at the back for long journeys for about atleast 2 hours.
2) This is my personal opinion I dint like the Air condition options in the Monitor, They could have been placed as a separate buttons.
3) It doesn't force me to put seat belt after first warning. Good thing for me no annoying sounds

Overall i can say is, If you are buying a Volvo XC40, you will feel the Avatar movie Dragon Scene moment ( lifetime Dragon).

If a Volvo Agent is seeing my thread can you bring up the solution for me for my back seat adjustment.
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