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The unfinished/ungrommetted rear seats is equivalent to going on a date with a good looking guy/gal, but when s/he smiles, has many missing teeth. And what’s worse, the few remaining teeth are brown and yellowing. I guess my date needed the financial savings of not using toothpaste.

My Buick Encore, at 1/3 of the price of the XC40 recharge, had a better finish. Didn’t have 402 horse power though 🐎 That Encore was probably powered by donkeys.

But to each their own.

All I wanted to know was whether my vehicle was overlooked somehow, an isolated case. I got my question answered, thank you for your responses. I guess all of the XC40s and C40s are like that, brown yellowing teeth and slowly becoming toothless.
More like a couple dirty fingernails I would say..
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