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Auto Climate Control Fan Speed

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Apparently this is a Volvo thing and not unique to the XC40, but the auto HVAC fan speed control may well be a deal breaker on another Volvo once my lease is up. Here in the upper midwest, the temperature can swing greatly within the course of a day... Most days there's an average difference of 20 degrees between the day's high and low temps. A fast 20 degree drop during a late summer afternoon storm is not uncommon. And these days, it's not all that uncommon for it to be 70 one week and 30 the next. All that to say, automatic climate control has become something that is very important to me in a car.

In the XC40, setting the climate control to Auto still requires you to set the Auto fan speed between Auto 1 and Auto 5. The idea is that the system will automatically control the fan speed within the selected range. So, if you have it set to Auto 3, the fan speed will automatically vary as needed, but never higher than the Auto 3 max. Conceivably, at Auto 5, you're allowing for the greatest range of fan speeds.

So, I assumed that if the needed fan speed for present conditions was, say, somewhere below the max speed allowed by Auto 3, there shouldn't be a difference in the fan speed whether you have it set to Auto 3, Auto 4 or Auto 5. I also assumed that, when set to Auto 5, the fan would blow at max speed until the desired temperature is reached, and then slow down as needed. Following this logic, when starting the car on a very cold day, setting the system to Auto 5 would mean that the fan would wait for the engine to warm up, then blow on max speed until the desired temperature was approaching, and then slow down to a more comfortable fan speed as needed to maintain the set temperature.

But that's not how it works. The higher the Auto fan setting, the higher the overall speed of the fan irrespective of conditions, including the "resting" fan speed, which I mean to be the fan speed that is maintained once the car has reached the desired temperature. So today, for example, it was in the upper 20's this morning. I started the car and selected Auto 5. The car warmed up as I drove and, indeed, the fan really started blowing. But 25 minutes later, the inside of the car was toasty, and the fan was still blowing at what seemed to be the max fan speed.. certainly a very high fan and unnecessarily so, as evidenced by the fact that the system had considerably lowered the temp of the air it was blowing and it almost felt cool.

So why not just set the fan down to Auto 3, you ask? Well, that's what you have to do. But then when you park your car at your destination and it cools off, when you start it back up again you have to turn the fan speed back up because Auto 3 isn't cutting it. The same issue happens on hot days. The average/"resting" fan speed and overall fan behavior is very different between the different Auto fan settings.

I find it very aggravating. I thought I'd get used to it, but after 4 months, I haven't. Today was the first sub-30 day driving the car, and the Auto system proved to be an impractical design. I appreciate that some people may want their "average/resting" fan speed to be higher or lower than others, so in that sense the system makes sense. But that's just not how it works in practice. I can't stand having to fumble through multiple layers of touchscreens to manually raise and lower the HVAC fan numerous times per trip, especially in a $48,000 car.

Thanks for reading this long post. I hope it makes sense. I'd appreciate your thoughts on this, especially if you've moved into a Volvo after having become accustomed to the typical automatic climate control operation of other manufacturers.
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This was an unfortunate surprise for me as well. My prior car was a BMW; it did an excellent job of adjusting the fan speed when the HVAC was in auto mode. Luckily I live in a temperate climate so it isn't proving much of an issue.
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It has been a surprise for me too. Before having bought this car, I had a Volvo V50 Rdesign 2009. The automatic mode was modulating the fan speed as required for keeping the set temperature. Even at start in cold exterior temperature, the system was temporarily set to defrost (upper windshield vent only) and the fan was also increasing slowly as the engine temperature was going up. Then, after a few minutes, it was returning to all vents.

I consider the xc40 do not have in fact a true automatic mode.
As advanced as this car is, the climate control is a head scratcher. Definitely needs an upgrade in this feature (or lack thereof)
Perhaps this has changed since this post but if you select a fan speed then it's a manual speed for the fan and everything else stays auto. Auto should be left alone and the fan will do what you want.... Speed up, slow down, temp change etc.... This is how every auto climate control has functioned for me including my new XC40.
It's not just at Volvo. My previous car, a MB A Class (w177) new model, was exactly the same. I went to the workshop with him several times to try to get an answer, and it was always the same ... it is not a defect, it is anyway. Engineers :)
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