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Check your favorite station’s website to see if they broadcast online. Many do. If so, you could stream from your phone to the car via Bluetooth or USB.

It’s hard to believe AM is nearly defunct. I’m old enough to remember when it was the primary bandwith and FM was just starting to come around. Crazy to think that stereo was a high tech luxury at one point. I’m glad I have AM in my 2019, but after local stations stopped broadcasting AM in HD (too expensive?), I found it just too hard to listen to. Luckily my favorite station now also broadcasts on an FM frequency too. You just don’t get the signal anywhere near as far so I flip back to AM when I leave town. I will miss AM when it’s finally gone for good.

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According to this document it should show up in an update. There's also a pretty good chance that you can find your radio station on the Tune In Radio app that should be included as one of your sensus apps.


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