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Adding Polstar option to the XC40

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Since I'm still waiting for my present Jaguar lease to expire I've had time to play around with the options available for ordering my XC40. One of the options available is the Polstar Performance Software. It's the last option offered ($1,295). If you check the information on this option it refers you to the Engineered Polstar web page. When I went to that page it said that the Polstar option was a 367 hp engine, which doesn't make sense. I tried calling the local Volvo dealer and the guy I talked with couldn't really provide me with any answers on exactly what the Polstar option provided on the XC40, but agreed with me that it probably didn't really provide 367 hp.

Does anyone know exactly what the Polstar option provides on the XC40?
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I believe it is 267 HP as I understand it - it also raises the engine red line by 500rpm.
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