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I have been using an iPod Touch with all my music library, synchronized with my desktop iTunes, with my 2 last cars for over 10 years now.

I don't intend to stop using this extremely effective solution with the new XC40 (...Spotify does not suit me because (1) I don't need another subscription app (2) I would have to get yet another dedicated SIM for the car, adding to the 4 I already use, since my mobile operator does not allow for shared data services via Bluetooth nor via a Wi-Fi hotspot and (3) A test run with Spotify immediately put me off for not having a functionality to import iTunes playlists.

The CRV I just traded in for the XC40 had the USB port inside the center console compartment, which had a cover. The iPod was permanently on the car in a secure way, as it was out of sight.

...but, now, the XC40 has the USB port on the open-top center cubby and it is not safe to leave the iPod in plain site, laying there and it isn't practical to keep removing and plugging it in every time I use the car.

Do you guys know of any kind of OEM or third party cover for the center console cubby?

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