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my XC40 T4 is now 2,5 years old. Since about 2-3 month the 360 camera system sometimes does not work. I cannot identify the reason why it works in 75% of the time and sometimes not. When starting the car non of the cameras are available and only the parking sensors work. Sometimes it helps to restart the car. But most of the times not. And on the next day it works again.
i have no idea why.
the centre display shows the camera button with a yellow triangle and also a Info that the camera needs service.
I have been at the dealer and they did a complete software update with installing the cameras again. still the same. Driving home from the dealer and everything worked out great. 3 days later same error again
as this is only a minor issue, there is nothing that can be found in the error log of the car.

has someone an idea of maybe had the same problem?

thanks a lot for your help and greetings from Germany



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