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Hi all I have a brand new R design pro it's got less than 800 miles on and it's in the garage for the second time.

The problem is no matter what volume you have stereo and at no particular time the centre speaker just cuts out so it sounds awful. Luckily when I returned it the first time an they plugged it in every time it's done it the car has given a error code. The garage says it tripping out to protect itself due to overload so they reset the system. Literary a mile down road it did it again so it went back yesterday.
Now here is the problem Riverside Volvo don't know how to solve it they called last night saying Volvo is looking into it?
Now here is the kicker they gave me a 21 plate xc40 courtesy car an on way home the centre speaker cut out🤬
So it looks like it's a fault but has anyone else had this issue?
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