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Hopefully there will be a non-recharge 2022 XC40. :) There was a time when Volvo had stated that they would stop making ICE Volvos by 2019. Well, we just bought a 2020 XC40 in 2020. Now I hear the deadline is 2030, but that is supposed to be a phase out. So, many models might stop being made up until 2030 and then all Volvos will be electric or hybrid:

In case that link above does not work, just pop this into your favorite search engine "volvo to stop making gas only cars"

I hope that is wrong, since I planned on keeping this car for longer than 9 more years. Only 7K miles on it now. :) I don't look forward to another car payment again. I guess I better start setting aside the money now for what an XC40 Recharge will cost me in the year 2030. Assuming I even want a Volvo by then. LOL!!

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Anyone have any insider info on when non recharge 2022 XC40s might be at dealers? We are pretty set on an XC40 but are wondering if we should wait for the 2022s
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