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Volvo Canada has told us we have 3 months of no cost internet or 3 GB of data - whichever comes first. After that we can sign up for a data plan from AT&T, costing at least $200 US a year. I do not like the idea of being locked in with AT&T, so I want to know about other options, like:
  • can I get my own SIM card from the data provider of MY choice, & mount it in the car ?
  • can I use my LG smartphone to provide internet connectivity in the car ?

I like the google apps I have installed for music & AM radio, but I really want some good options for keeping them running when my free 3 months is up.
What is the best way to have internet connectivity in the car without committing to AT&T ?
There seems to be confusion with the P8. What you were told is exactly what was delivered with my T5 R-Design using their Sensus car automation. I believe your car automation is entirely Google? I gather US buyers of a P8 get 4 years of Internet coverage included through AT&T?

The answer to both of your questions is YES.

Once my free Internet expired, I simply contacted Rogers (my carrier) and they sent me a compatible P-SIM with various download plans, starting as low as $10 per month + HST. I did an experiment, removing all P-SIM cards and was still able to use Volvo on Call from my smartphone APP, so my conclusion was that there's another method to at least support VOC.

Regardless, you should have 2 other means to connect your XC40 to the Internet; your home's WiFi or Android Auto via your smartphone's data plan, either through the USB cable or via Bluetooth. I'm not sure how useful Internet is with my XC40. I use several Android Auto programs that can function without a dedicated Internet connection; Sygic GPS and my Amazon Music+ playlist. All data files are stored locally on my smartphone.

For my Rogers P-SIM, there is no contract, I pay monthly and can cancel whenever I wish. They waived an admin startup charge and mailed me my P-SIM at no cost.

I'd be happy to hear from other Canadians who found in-car Internet of benefit. My only observation so far is that Google voice prompts don't always work and I see an "Internet required" prompt on the screen. If it's that critical, I can turn on my P-SIM or smartphone data plan, but these are normally turned off.

Bonne chance
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