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I've had my R-Design T5 for just a month now. Polestar added at factory. Within the first 2 weeks and following, there is a noticeable concern when depressing the start button. Most times, with brake depressed (of course) and pushing start button, the vehicle starts up normal. Other times though, it takes 2-4 seconds of a slow crank to start. It does not matter if it was first started of the day, or just shut down or only shut off for an hour... no rhyme or reason. Just recently, I went to start it and in the same press of the start button, it started - shutoff - started again!? That was in just 1 press. Since owning the car, it had gas from Dealer and I have since filled the tank 2x with 93 octane toptier Sunoco. Thinking that maybe the gas from factory/dealer was askew, as this vehicle was held up in the process, due to COVID slowdown/shutdown overseas. Well... I don't think it's the fuel as a problem. I'm trying to eliminate or troubleshoot what I can. I did call the service department and they had no answers. I let time pass and this still continues, so I went ahead and made a vehicle appt to get checked. I'm always leary of taking a vehicle into the service department for intermittent issues, because it of course will never "act up" under their watch. Does anyone have any suggestions or heard of this? Thanks for your time. R/
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