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Anyone else have some or all of the following? (Mine purchased 5/2018)-
  • engine light comes on & there’s zero apparent problem. Eventually goes off- ALWAYS before I can get an appt @ local dealership.
  • radio stations refuse to remain highlighted anymore & if I use the steering wheel control to change stations it frequently rotates between the same 3 stations..... in the middle of LA (it’s not a reception or favorites setting issue).
  • THE PAINFULLY SLOW START UP SCREEN!! My other car is a POS 2010 Prius that had an instantaneous start up screen. All the models I’ve had as loaners worked great too. Do I have a lemon?
  • most recently & out of nowhere - the steering wheel frequently vibrates for a few secs (like you’d expect in an old junker). I have lane keeping assist off & it’s on dry roads. I have nothing...... to explain this.
  • even though clearly set to have side mirrors fold in when car is locked they decide one day they just won’t! And this goes on for weeks then one day they decide they will........???
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