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  1. Volvo C40 Discussion
    I have been thinking about getting one for a while and thought I’d treat myself. Really nice and comfortable. Would definitely recommend. With postage from Volvo it came to £32.99 all in.
  2. Volvo C40 Discussion
    A good review by Thom Iov of his Pearl White C40. Most issues that Thom discusses are all items we have been talking and troubleshooting here plus many more
  3. Volvo C40 Discussion
    This Polestar 2 BST 270 special edition is absolutely amazing! Check out the 21” wheels and Ohlin Dampers. The black on white design is outrageously gorgeous! 🔥🔥.
  4. Volvo C40 Discussion
    First I am hearing of the Volvo C40, XC40 planning on getting a RWD upgrade by May 2023. Not sure what the costing structure would look like on the trims? The Polestar2 will be considered as well.
  5. Volvo C40 Discussion
    While I know software release V2.4 hasn’t been officially dished out via OTA, the new C40 owners that recently got their 2023 year models came with V2.4. I haven’t seen threads 🧵 here, where folks have had issues. It’s good to know, but once OTA 2.4 is released would love to hear everyone’s...
  6. Volvo C40 Discussion
    After taking delivery of my C40 Ultimate Recharge P8 in early January 2022, and getting myself fully educated as an electric vehicle driver, this forum has been so awesome and inspiring in a ton of ways. 1. Tips and tricks. 2. Resolving C40 dashboard error issues 3. Cleaning ideas. 4. User...
  7. Volvo C40 Discussion
    A buddy of mine sent me this click earlier this week from his workplace parking lot. Which one do you love? 🙂 Tesla Model S (His) Volvo C40 P8 Ultimate Recharge in Metallic Grey (A physician owns it) 🙌 My vote is for the C40! 😉👏🔥❤️
  8. Volvo C40 Discussion USA folks — Anyone here have a AAA membership and have used their roadside assistance services for emergency charging or jumping your EV battery? The article...
  9. Volvo C40 Discussion
    Would you consider buying a Polestar 3? (In the USA it’s a whopping (80-100K)) or keep the C40? Or trade in the C40? I love my C40, but I also love the absolute gorgeous Polestar 3 emphasis on design. Notice the front and sloping roof meshes with the C40. Polestar 3 launch in Copenhagen...
  10. Volvo C40 Discussion
    The only backseat driver you don’t want to kick out Published on October 12, 2022 Volvo Cars Mikael Ljung Aust, one of the leading researchers at Volvo Cars’ Safety Centre, has always been fascinated with the human mind. It’s evident not just from his extensive education – a Masters in...
  11. Volvo C40 Discussion
    started my day with this guy - makes me peaceful, serene, blessed beyond belief, and ready to accept the day with all its charm and challenges! 😌🔥! What’s your C40 picture view looking like where you are? #VolvoC40ForLife🚙 #ItsElectric🔥 #HumpDayBlessed😌 #C40wentoChurchwithMe!❤️
  12. Volvo C40 Discussion
    Last night, I came home after picking my son from his after-school activity, and as I exited my car to lock the driver door, it wouldn't lock. I than proceeded to check if I had my key on and it was not in my pocket. Turns out, it had quietly slipped out from my shorts :) and fell between the...
  13. Volvo C40 Discussion
    Kyle and Alyssa nail it in this YT video of all the issues that EA has been having with their charging network. I for one really lucked out with my charging across the I40-I30 corridor the weekend of 9/11. I did love the new 350KW chargers that EA put in with their new consoles. No issues. They...
  14. Volvo C40 Discussion
    Absolutely love this video clip, that takes you back in time and focuses on the history, evolution and the safety innovations we have come to know and love. The true Volvo lover and enthusiast in you should appeal to the emotive and intellectual power of this story! Enjoy.
  15. Volvo C40 Discussion September [email protected] — Mark your calendars 📆 CEO Jim Rowan will make Volvos big new announcement. Before we show you the...
  16. Volvo C40 Discussion A paradigm shift maybe? 🔥 What if!! you could integrate the battery into the structure of the car so that the cells could serve the dual purpose of powering the vehicle and serving as its skeleton? That is exactly what...
  17. Volvo C40 Discussion
    Happy Weekend Folks! 🙌 Has everyone that currently drives a C40 taken the Volvo Recharge Connect Survey on the topic of “Spare Tire 🛞”. Attached below 👇 are a few snapshots of the questions. I am really curious of what everyone’s thoughts are on the following spare tire options. What else must...
1-18 of 19 Results