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  1. Volvo C40 Discussion
    It’s only available at the “workshop”!. Time to get my first service appointment for 2023. 😇😇👏 Software updates Updated 1/22/2023 Volvo is constantly developing the in-car systems and the services offered to you. When the software in your car is updated you can have access to many new...
  2. Volvo C40 Discussion
    Right about now, here’s mine! What’s yours? 😍🔥😍🚙
  3. Volvo C40 Discussion
    Color White. (Love my Fjord Blue) Plush luxury and interiors. (Completely the opposite on sustainability) Awesome legroom in the second row. (Not much legroom in the C40) Executive EV feel. (C40 with Wool would be comparable in some ways) Drove like a boss. (however the takeoff speed doesn’t...
  4. Volvo C40 Discussion Why is the Volvo C40, XC40 not on this list?😇. Manufacturing in Sweden, Belgium and/or China is the answer likely. MODELS Model Year Vehicle MSRP Limit 2023 Audi Q5 TFSI...
  5. Volvo C40 Discussion
    The Thors Hammer Lights. The Front Design with the Big Volvo Emblem. The 22 inch polished diamond cut wheels. Dual Permanent Magnet Motors 80% daily or less recommended charging limit. The six square shaped lights above the C shaped headlamps (super sexy). Boot space design features. 400V...
  6. Volvo C40 Discussion
    / 2022 - Volvo C40 P8 Ultimate Recharge / OTA2.5 /Connected to Apple Car Play / Google maps on center display is good / Apple Car Play Menu is good / The map view should be displayed on the driver side console / behavior just happened 2 days in a row, wasn’t the case before…seems software...
  7. Volvo C40 Discussion
    May all your C40 hopes, dreams and wishes come true. Best…BigVikDadda! 🤘🏽😎🍻
  8. Volvo C40 Discussion
    Would be unbelievably awesome if this is really going into production!😌
  9. Volvo C40 Discussion
    This is no good. I am just perplexed by why these EA charging stations don’t have a canopy or a somewhat comfortable covered roof to protect and prevent snow, ice and rain from damaging snow, ice, hail, high winds, heavy rain?? Long ways to go when it comes to EV charging in snow and below...
1-9 of 9 Results