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  1. Volvo XC40 General Discussion Forum
    My car is due to go in on Wednesday with a steering noise that they didn't manage to fix last time, just wondering if anyone has any information I could give the tech. It's louder on sunny days. Xc40 b3 2023. Link below for video...
  2. Volvo XC40 Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Hey folks, this is my first post here looking for some guidance. I've received my XC40 B4 Plus AWD (2022 model) a couple of weeks ago and overall it's one of the best cars I've owned. One issue I have with it though is this short, 1 second or so, noise that comes from the rear of the car...
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    xc-40 noise Hello all, please if you can watch this video and help me find where this noose is coming from as it’s driving me insane. It happens qhen the engine is cold. Driving or in neutral. After half an hour with engine hot it dissapears. This xc-40 only has 5000 kms, it is insane to have...
1-3 of 3 Results