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Thank you all for your input. I am going to test the R. I AM OG when it comes to liking buttons. How easy is it to adjust to having to use the touch screen for so many things?
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Originally Posted by TTmom View Post
Thank you all for your input. I am going to test the R. I AM OG when it comes to liking buttons. How easy is it to adjust to having to use the touch screen for so many things?
This is one of the areas where Volvo failed miserably with the user interface. For a company proud with their safety obsession, the touch screen central console interface is just too convoluted to be operated safely while driving.
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Now that I’ve gotten used to it, I think the touchscreen in lieu of buttons is great. I thought I’d miss them but I don’t at all. The few buttons that are there seem silly now, other than the hazard flashers and media start/stop. I do like the large volume control knob and use it all the time.. The other few seem almost silly (how often do you really turn the rear defroster on?). So I’m happy to have adopted the touchscreen technology. The only thing I’ll say is that it can be hard/frustrating to push the right “button” on the screen when the car is moving for the reasons I described in my earlier post. The R Design with 20 inch rims, high center of gravity and short wheelbase means the car is moving around a lot!
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I had the same reservations about the all in one TS but it really seems like after your initial set up it wont be any more distracting than using a central knob that other manufacturers use for an interface. Whether its a TS or a knob you have to periodically glance at it and take your eyes of the road.
I think one issue is that most people get stressed with the TS because they don't realize they don't have to actually push on the selections on the screen. I had to tell that to dealer who was showing me the car and show him that he just needed to touch NOT push. Before you say anything i will tell you he was an older gentleman at the ripe age of 71.
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We had plenty of time to evaluate replacement vehicles prior to the expiration of the lease of our jaguar XE. We wanted something that looked good, was comfortable for long trips, had enough power to haul my trailer with an ATV, and had enough room for 4 adults comfortably. My wife wanted to consider an SUV, and since it will be her daily driver that's what we'll get (my daily driver is a VW Jetta Sportswagen TDI, 6 sp manual) I started evaluating vehicles about 6 months ago and test drove Mini, Porsche, Infinity, Alfa, Audi, BMW, Jeep, Cadillac, Buick and Jaguar in addition to the Volvo. We've owned 3 Volvo's in the past, along with 2 Mercedes, Alfa and an Acura, and other vehicles.

We narrowed our choice down to the Mercedes GLC and the Volvo XC 40 T5. It was difficult to decide between these two vehicles because both have so many features that we liked, are dependable, and have a good dealership network. The deciding factor was that the Volvo offered a better choice in exterior colors and the seats are more comfortable. Our previous Mercedes were a CLK 500 Convertible and an E-350 sedan and both were great vehicles, but we found ourselves squirming around hunting for a comfortable seating position after a few hundred miles. With our previous Volvo's we were as comfortable after a 500 mile day as we were when we started, and the seats in the XC 40 seem to have that same feature.

We are purchasing through the Overseas Delivery Program and have ordered the XC40 T5 Inscription in Thunder Grey (new for 2020) with blond interior. We've requested delivery in Gothenburg in mid October and will spent two weeks in Europe (The Netherlands, Germany, France and either Spain or Italy) and turn the car in at Frankfurt. We're still waiting for the dealer allocation, which hopefully will be granted this coming week.
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